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Do you believe your child is uniquely gifted and deserves to find a calling and change the world?

TimberNook Transformation

TimberNook is our weekly outdoor educational experience that all our learners attend on Fridays. This experience…

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Stories of Young Heroes

Acton Academy Seacoast Stories of Young Heroes Mandy Callister April, 2021 While reflecting back over the…

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So Much More Than Counting to 100

If you are the parent of a Spark you have had the opportunity to see the…

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Reflections Session One

There were many days where the guides sat back, caught our breath, and wondered how we…

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Little Magic Socratic Moments

Each morning we have been doing Socratic Discussions using open-ended questions with no right answer. Some…

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Letting Go of the Reigns

As an Acton Academy Guide, one of our most challenging jobs is to let go of…

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Leaders Emerge

Acton Academy Seacoast Leaders Emerge Mandy Callister September, 2020 We began our second week at Acton…

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Dissaray Turns to Progress

The third week of our first session, our first full week together, began with plenty of…

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Acton President

At Acton, we chose to do things differently by asking the heroes if they would like…

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A Painful Exit

At Acton, we allow the learners space and freedom to create their own studio agreements as…

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quarantine advice


I just got off of my morning Zoom chat with the Eagles. I asked them to…

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Ambiguity as Teacher – Part 2: A Story with an Ending We Need to Hear

Here is one for you to remember on those gut wrenching days when your child faces…

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