TimberNook Transformation

TimberNook is our weekly outdoor educational experience that all our learners attend on Fridays. This experience allows each learner to not only ground and connect with nature, but also to explore and process their emotions through play. 

Stories of Young Heroes

Acton Academy Seacoast Stories of Young Heroes Mandy Callister April, 2021 While reflecting back over the past 4 months since launching our school, I’m met with absolute awe over the transformation our team has witnessed. Based on comments from numerous parents, the changes have not only been seen at school but also at home. One …

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So Much More Than Counting to 100

If you are the parent of a Spark you have had the opportunity to see the work your child is doing by looking over their weekly tracker. You may have noticed that they have practiced and maybe even written the 100 Board (this work is done by placing numbered tiles in rows of ten).

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Letting Go of the Reigns

As an Acton Academy Guide, one of our most challenging jobs is to let go of the reins and hand over more responsibility to the learners. As a mom and reformed control freak, this has not only been challenging but also terrifying.

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Leaders Emerge

Acton Academy Seacoast Leaders Emerge Mandy Callister September, 2020 We began our second week at Acton with a continuation of high energy carried over from week 1. All the learners were happy to be at school and excited to see what was in store for the week. Our focuses this week were around: Introduction to …

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Dissaray Turns to Progress

The third week of our first session, our first full week together, began with plenty of energy, excitement, and passion. Come Monday morning, all of our heroes were wearing bright smiles and fell right into the daily morning routine.

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Acton President

At Acton, we chose to do things differently by asking the heroes if they would like to create their own president, and the answer was a resounding yes!

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A Painful Exit

At Acton, we allow the learners space and freedom to create their own studio agreements as well as choose how to hold one another accountable to them.