Accepting Applications for the fall of 2023.

Our Studios

Our current Spark (K-1) and Elementary Studios will be joined by Middle School and Launchpad (High School) studios in the fall of the 2021-22 school year. Each Studio is a learner-driven, multi-age “one-room schoolhouse.” We believe that children learn best when working with children who are both older and younger than themselves, rather than in single-age cohorts.

Acton TimberNook school

Studio Design

Multi-age studios afford the flexibility to allow each student to move at their own pace in core skills while bringing a diversity of perspectives and skill sets to quests and Socratic Discussions.

We believe that everything we do should reflect respect for each child, their potential, individuality, and humanity. In our approach to education, we seek to help children become independent, self disciplined, internally motivated, and enthusiastic learners through the curriculum we use, the environments we design and the methods of guiding development and behavior we employ. Acton students learn to use knowledge as a tool to become independent thinkers and creative problem solvers.

Montessori “Spark” Studio (K-1)

Our Lower Elementary Studio provides a rich Montessori environment, an introduction to the socratic method, and hands on developmentally appropriate projects that we call quests. The Montessori years provide a foundation for further development and a familiarity with the Acton way. This is an exciting period of rapid growth, learning and exploration where we see our learners thrive and feed their curiosity and thirst for learning.

Elementary Studio (2-5)

The elementary studio is a magical environment where children learn to grow their curiosity, follow their passions, and master their core academic skills at their own pace. Daily deep socratic discussions teach them how to advocate for themselves in their learning process. Exciting projects aka “quests”, engage them in learning that reaches beyond the studio, into the real world. Learners are introduced to world languages through an immersion model, and have the opportunity to create and launch their own businesses at our annual Childrens’ Business Fair.

The Elementary Studio is a magical environment where children learn at their own pace using the latest in educational technology for mastery of reading, writing, and math skills. Students are surrounded by a close-knit group of peers, as they focus on excelling academically and showing up in the world with kindness.

Middle School Studio

Middle School is a transformative experience as children navigate between childhood and young adulthood. Students learn leadership and self-direction at a deeper level through internships, Socratic discussions and increasingly independent, in-depth quests. Core skills and quests increasingly involve deep engagement with the broader community, both locally and globally, as students explore potential vocations. Students can embrace world language immersion opportunities, competitive writing and robotics competitions, and employ writing and communications skills to secure internships.

Launchpad (High School)

Launchpad is so-named as the final sequence of preparations to become a flourishing adult. As students advance in their abilities, independence and maturity, they will transition to challenges and leadership roles that will round out their skills and provide deep learning in areas of particular interest. While some students engage in self-paced AP classes, others might be building portfolios in preparation for college applications and job interviews. Although there are core skills that all students need to master, additional specialization in areas of particular interest is encouraged.

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